January 2nd, 2006


Novate Day

I spent the day in Novate, at my aunt/uncle and cousin's home :)
The 2 adults came rather late, around noon (while I was writing in the CoS forum :b), we stopped by grandma's old apartment for bureaucratic reasons and then headed home. We got there around 1:30PM, lol!
The kids and grandma were hungry, not even the time to take my coat off and we were eating :b
Profitable and fun day, all in all. I dyed my aunt's hair and gave her some highlights, then my Gaia (15 years old cousin) asked me to do her make-up...lol, I was happy with the result, and surprisingly her mom too. We tried to bribe the younger one, Beatrice (11) into having some make up for fun but she was terrified. The moment I manged to get some light lilac on her eyes she bolted for the bathroom and washed it away, lol.

In the end, mom and dad came to get me and that's where things were a bit cranky. Mom had suggested I ask dad to come pick me up after he was done at work, but that would have been dinner time and I felt bad imposing. So I asked grandma if I could stay with her while waiting for him, and to eat away. In the end my aunt told me to tell both parents to come and eat with them. Guess there was some misunderstanding between them, so it was a bit tense. Dad said he didn't want to eat, but in the end had to, another tense moment for us *LeSigh*

Now they're in the other room watching the Aviator.
I can't take Leo Di Caprio tonight tho, don't have enough energy to stomach him.

Tomorrow, Doc stop and then Herbalist.