January 3rd, 2006


And it keeps getting better...

This afternoon my grandma on dad's side called me. And it literally went:
-(me) Hello?
-(grandma) Stefy? Hi! Wanna come to lunch tomorrow?
-(me) Err...uhm...ok..?
-(g) Good! We don't have a car anymore so you have to come by train.
-(me) Err...ok...
-(g) Good! So everything's good?
-(me) Yeah, and with you?
-(g) Oh, same old same old.
-(me) But you have guests now! (aunt Anna and her son)
-(g) Oh yeah, we did grocery shopping today and thought "Let's make some panzerotti for Stefy!"
-(me) Oh...err...Thanks!
-(g) Ok! See you tomorrow! Bye!
*hang up*

I see this grandma every saturday in the afternoon, we visit her. And we're already supposed to go to lunch on Friday 6 at her home, 2 days from now.
She invited me cause she heard from dad yesterday that I was at my aunt's (and therefore other grandma)and she's jealous.
She told it to dad times and times before that we spend more time with the other side of the family, which is rubbish. This aunt and cousin live in the South of Italy, OF COURSE we don't see them as often, and she compares the 2 anyway.

My family is nuts. A basket case...