January 4th, 2006


South Family Returns!

I went to my grandparents' house today for lunch, as anticipated.
My aunt from Puglia and my cousin, Marco are visiting til Sunday so they were there.
SHOCK: as I stepped into the garden, my cousin saw me (he was down there playing), run up to me and threw his hands around my neck, falling in my lap O_O
It was a really nice shock, lo, but I didn't expect him to miss me so much, we're not as close as I am with the other cousins so it was...Oh...Wow...
It was one fat lunch, all we ate were fried panzerotti (cool stuff yo, you non-italian people don't know what you're missing! :P )

(Oh man, look what I found!

Modugno is the small town from where my aunt comes!
Panzerotti are the one son the right sode. Fried, stuffed with either meat and cheese or tomato and cheese)

My aunt kept grilling me about using my car... I just feel so insecure on it!
I had a crash BEFORE I got my license, while I was practicing with my dad, and now I'm a bit scared... I never truly tried to drive with no one else in the car, and going all the way outside Milan alone...

All in all, I enjoyed the small pre-get together. The true one will happen this Friday.
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