January 6th, 2006


The Half Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Half blood Price has been published in italian 1 hour ago.
I already read it in english, but still...
My cousin Gaia was the one who forced me to read the books, and I'm so thankful now she did :P
So, since she's young and not that good in english, she still hasn't read it. We decided to get it for her first thing today/tomorrow so dad went out there and got the book for her (2 copies, one for her and one for my mom, officially :P )
Said it was insane, people from television and journals, snapping pics and asking them to hold up the books for them... He even found there the guy who sells panzerottis at the S.Siro stadium, lol!

Aaah, I love the HP mania. I wanted to go too but mom was cranky and she bitched she wanted me home with her, *LeSigh*


*squee!!!* Harry Potter e il Principe Mezzosangue, I've got you here!
I already spotted some stupid translation for the names, but I'll save the bitching for another day. Now I'm gonna hide myself and get comfortable in my HP fuzzy cloud of giddiness. See ya!
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