January 7th, 2006


Postcard and HP

I got a beautiful card from rampantwhistler, Thank you so much Stacey!

With the italian HBP things are weird... It gives me the impression the translation is more casual-approximative than with the past ones, and it pisses me off cause the wait between UK and IT version was way longer this time around.
The names
Ever heard of Horace Lumacorno?
And what about Magie Sinister? That would be Borgin and Burkes... bad thing is they didn't change the name in CoS but did now.

Not everything is bad though :)
And while I might have been sad at the first July reading of HBP for little Remus and even smaller Harry/Remus interaction, getting the IT version made me happy and way too giddy on this part of the deal.
Background explanation:
While the english language only use 'YOU' for addressing a single person, we have 2 translations. 'TU' would be the familiar YOU, while 'LEI' is the respectful YOU, the one you use with adults, superiors, teachers, boss, authorities figures, people you're not familiar with etc...
Well, with book 6 they started translating Harry addressing Lupin with TU. Familiar. Friendly. CLOSE.
Seems like the barrier teacher/student went down, and they're indeed moving towards Friends, or at least closer.
You have no idea how big of a grin I wore when I first read it...
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