January 8th, 2006


PISSED...and worried

I went out this morning, came back, and while we're eating lunch I find out my mom has been going through my drawers and looking through my stuff.
I was feeling down on my own, so I didn't get as pissed as I should have at the moment, but Hello? Privacy? I'm tempted to wait for her to go to work tomorrow and then go through HER stuff, then comment about it to her at dinner, see how she likes that.

And I just found out she threw away some paper I had out, she thought it was junk ans just threw it away!!!

Dad is feeling sickly again. Shoulder again.
The doc comes back tomorrow, I can only cross my fingers.
This whole tension, dad's health, my parents, dad's moods... it's messing me up, sooner or later I'll need a psychologist and I don't want it!