January 9th, 2006


What a lot of good it did...

Almost 2 weeks waiting for Mrs Doc to come back to us poor regular people who can't fix health's problems by ourselves, I went to the ambulatory and it was madness. SO many people, we were crammed, never saw a scene like that in that waiting room!

Well, finally it's my turn, I explain dad's shoulder problem, weight breathe and what not and she says? "Ah no, can't be the heart if the stress test said it wasn't.Doesn't matter it's been 2 months, don't be pessimist!"
So I got shooed out with nothing but a "Make him drink less coffee and keep him away from insaccati (ham and the likes) for the blood pressure. Then get him a nutritionist. See ya!"


Ok... In other news, I did a small tour in some clothing store and it seems the hyenas have descended earlier this year... 4 days of sales and there's already NOTHING left. Only Extra small sizes, not even the Medium and the clothes in themselves are kinda...dreadful. It seems they put on sales only the weird eccentric stuff people wear at New Years' Eve, full of paillettes and ribbons.
Meh... I need a simple black skirt, I'm not even picky about the length...Do I ask too much?