January 10th, 2006


My mouse is dying...

I have THIS model, and I love it.
But the small roller on the front is starting to not work...I roll, roll and roll but the oage doesn't scroll *tear*

And I think I'm getting sick. There were 2 guys coughing and being throat-sick in the doc's office, I'm thinking I caught something. Throat sore, hurts ad am sneezing a lot...
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I couldn't stay behind, could I?

So yeah, I'm sick.
I kept hearing people around me getting sick, Cris even got bronchites, and was amazed I hadn't yet...of course it couldn't last!
I spent a bad night, throat is really sore, which makes me think this isn't the typical 1-day-long cold :\
My nose after only 12 hours from the start it's already all red and hurting *pout*
I'm left with only 1 Iodosan pill, there's little Tantum Verde Nebulizzatore or Rinazina Spray can do, the other medicines I have are for coughing and I don't have that...yet. I really don't feel like going out to get something though... BLAH.
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I'm off doing embarassing things

I'm gonna check the first episode of the new serie of The OC, yes I'm THAT desperate and bored.
Laugh away. You know you want to.
Best part? My dad wants me to watch carefully so I can give him a resume later..oh boy.
If you need leave a message, or You-know-Who...sms! ;) I'll run back here!


EDIT: Saw it. Or better them. Italy has the habit of showing 2 episodes in the same evening. And I just found out they0re going to show 2 more tomorrow evening.
What the hell?
They've been struggling with audience all through the fall, and then they burn the one Telefilm who's sure to bring in the audience by showing 4 episodes per week? o.O
If with my major I'll end up working in a tv editorial unit, I hope I'll finally figure out how the brains work...

Which reminds me: mother said one of her coworkers' brother work in Mediaset (big private 3-set of networks, the second biggest of the nation after public tv, RAI), for the production. They always look for university student to stages with them, learning the job... It wouldn't be bad. I already worked for 9 months in RAI for "The Big Talk", again in editing staff, and even tho it was a massacring job, I learned a lot.
Keeping my fingers crossed.
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