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Stefy ~ ステフィ
17 January 2006 @ 05:53 pm
Nothing new.
Static days.
No news from Cris' dad, as for mine... I'm quite nervous about picking up his blood tests' results tomorrow. And he's gone from being sad/depressed every once in a while to really sick with depression, I guess. The symptoms are there, and 'good' thing? I can't do s*** about it. He's pushing me away more than usual, he's isolating himself, I'll never e able to take him to a psychologist. I can't even utter the word, he'll panic and think I believe him crazy.
Sucks that antidepressants can be prescripted only by psychologists.
So I have to stay there and watch him go through this, feeling impotent about it. How can I help him? :(

Rocky (my cat) decided to be cranky with me today. He spent the last half hour meowing and when I went to pet him he bit me O_O
And can I just say I hate being a woman at this time of the month? Yes. I do.
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Current Mood: crankycranky