January 20th, 2006


I had such a scare

I opened LJ, tried to go check juliesaintjust's page and I kept getting the "Friends only" banner, tried refreshing, tried calendar, tried through my friends' page...nothing O_O
I thought I got de-friended. LOL

Then I realized that my stupid pc had logged me off my LJ account *kicks it*

*shakes head*

I talked to dad about Prozac, I think he's resigned to whatever I'm gonna give him. LOL.
I expected a fight (granted I didn't say the name of the medicine, and he didn't ask the specific name), but when I told him "You're not slave to me, you can argue it" he went "Argue? You already got it!". Oh well...lol!
I decided to give it to him starting on Monday, in the weekend he drives a lot, better to not take risks when it's still anew thing.

I tried to part the dose in 4 parts like doc said but it's a mess, the powder goes everywhere and how can I measure it?!
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