January 23rd, 2006


Sunday Monday rain is falling...!

Not really... and I'm changing the words of the song... poor Maroon 5! :P
Yesterday I did something I haven't done in maybe a year (if not more).
I took Courage by the neck and asked him to come with me, I had a mission! Before lunch I did about an hour of driving around town (and Milan is one trafficked city, let me tell you!).
Dad was beside me, I wasn't THAT sure of myself yet, but it went better than I expected. Car did not turn off or anything, I even managed to park :P
I'm just too concerned about the idiots behind me that Honk! Honk! Honk! away if you don't sprint.
Well...still I was proud of myself.
How big of a dork am I?!?

Today I gave dad his first Prozac dose... He's lamenting a strong headache, has since this morning. Soon to say if it's from the medicine but he does look... tired.
*fingers crossed against possible bad side effects*

Cris' dad is doing worst.
In short, in his daughter's words, he's losing it. Acts really nervous, has inexplicable behaviors... not good. And her mother is a basket case, so Cris is having a really hard time of it.
She had to get out of University earlier today to go keep company to her dad cause he was "feeling nervous" and then I didn't hear anymore from her even if we were supposed to hang out. Poor thing :(