January 24th, 2006



I finally decided to get a prepaid credit card.
Necessity called for it, I needed to use PayPal... lol.
Thing is now I'll have to wait til the PostePay people send me my validation code.
I hope I won't mae a mess with PayPal, sending money to who-knows-who... lol!

*fingers crossed*

I saw Cris even if briefly. Her dad had a friend over so she could come for 1 hour.
She's falling apart, as in tired, really tired and unable to do anything productive for herself.
I gave her the melissa-hypericus herbal helps I used to give dad (now he can't use them anymore), hopefully she'll be able to at least sleep a bit with them.

I feel impotent, I can't do anything for her.

In other news, TIM (my cellphone administrator company) called me today. I started the process to change administrator company and switch to Vodafone. They're not liking it I guess.
They're offering em the moon and the stars, literally. LOL.
"We'll pay for stopping the switching papers. We'll give you an extra free credit of 80 euros and switch your calling fees to extra convenient ones, since you're one of our oldest members and all. Those are privileges we don't give to new customers!!!"
LOL. I had a good laugh :P
When I said "No, thanks" the girl was all like "No! Wait! Think about it! You can switch afterward but for now take advantage of this! I'll call you back! Don't worry and think, no rush,even if the papers will be sent in 2 days!"