January 31st, 2006


Weirdos on the streets

Weird, crappy day so far.
I was out 'early' this morning, at around 8AM. Even if my area is a trafficked one, there were few people around. While walking I ed up crossing a man that looked so much like the main character from "M" (by Lang), the pedophile serial killer. I swear, it wasn't so much the physical traits but more his facial expression, the way he was carrying himself, with this half smile and creepy stare... freaked me OUT, badly.

While out, I realize there's a tear in the my jeans, on the upper leg. Can I add these are my fav pair of jeans too? BAH!

And to end this wonderful morning/afternoon, I have to call mom asap, get my cellphone, digit the number only to find out that TIM decided to delete my SIM TODAY, so I had to go back home and take the Vodafone SIM to use the phone. GRR!

Yesterday was a crappy evening as well, mom was in a real fool mood and took it out on both of us. The first time she almost apologized saying "You don't have to take it personally if I'm in a crappy mood"... well, when you bitch at me how am I supposed to take it? But I let it go.
Then she did it again before going to bad, she was fuming cause while I was washing my hair I received a SMS and the beeping grated on her nerves.

How many time a person can use the word "crappy" before it gets old?
So long as the concept was clear...
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