February 2nd, 2006


That's Catholic University for you!

I just finished emailing a professor about an exam.
The smart boy changed one of the books for the course, and that would be ok, it would be the book for those who give the exam from June on... except he removed from the site the old bibliography, leaving on the one that was used BEFORE he got this course.
What am I supposed to deduct?
Now we all have to prepare on new goldie book?

Premise is that the old book was OLD indeed, and impossible to find. I already emailed him months ago telling him that and he gave me a new title 8which incidentally comes from the OLD OLD bibliography, the pre-him era).
But he can't change me the book NOW. First cause it's LATE, second cause that would make me a repetant,not an off-course student...IDIOT!

Now I'm waiting... wish me luck *sigh*

EDIT: Oh well, that's just fucking GREAT! I got an autoreply, he isn't in office until after the exams are over!
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