February 6th, 2006


HA! -1!

Finished with exam #1, thankfully!
I'm 'celebrating' making pasta with saffron and speck, LOL!
Now I'm in theater full-immersion for next Tuesday... the stuff is interesting, but soooooo long. 4 books :(
And the last one arrived in the library only today (had to order it).
It looks 'narrative' more than 'notionistic'so it should be easy. Key word: SHOULD.

Speaking of pasta... I was already selecting recipes to try for some foreign friends and I'm so bummed now. There were 3 of them who told me they'd be visiting Italy this summer. 2 already changed plans, only 1 left but I'm not too hopeful.
I guess I'll make it up by charging into my dear K's city in Croatia :P
(BTW, Karen says Hi!She and Kim were asking me about you).

Weekend was a NIGHTMARE.
My parents fought again, dad switched back into sad-closed up-pessimist mood.
Saturday we went to dinner at my grandparents' and grandma cooked 4 boxes of pre-made Fish Fry Mix. She's crazy... there were only 5 of us, grandpa can't eat much cause he's diabetic, she was dieting so guess who had to eat it all? It was unbelievable, I was so sure I was gonna be sick later...lol!

Then it came Sunday. Milan had a traffic block from 8am to 8pm against pollution. We had to visit the other grandma and cousins, so we decided to take the suburban train. I checked the time tables the night before and there was a big ass sign saying they were increases services and trains for the block.
We get down there at 3.55PM waiting for the 4.10PM train. They canceled it. I went up above looking for the controller, the office was closed. A lot of trains were getting canceled, others were arriving 20minutes late, people were completely LOST cause there was no one to ask, it was madness. I was SO PISSED OFF.
Usually I get over my anger moments the day after, but today I'm still upset. I went to their site and found out they're smarter than I thought. No emails nor call center for people to contact them... smart indeed, or I would give them an earful AND email-box full.

Still debating about the Paid Account LJ.
What if I get it for the layouts and then CAN'T work the layout function out? LOL, I'm not particularly good at artistic' things, so...


A very HAPPY, if belated, BIRTHDAY to rlf_2583!
Sorry they're late, I was away form the internet and buried by books yesterday *blush*
Hope you had a great time!

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to rampantwhistler!
Enjoy the day, party it up or relax...whatever you're gonna do, make sure you have a good time :D