February 12th, 2006


Rocky, OH! Rocky...

Last night I made to go to bed, around 1AM.
I turned off the pc, turned around fishing for my PJ and I found a nice spot of puke on my comforter. Cat puke. My cat threw up tuna. On my freaking BED.
And I couldn't do more than silently glare at him and get it cleaned, since the whole building was asleep, no good would have come out of me waking everyone up and the neighbores to question the sanity of the girl living on the third floor.

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Tomorrow is my aunt's birthday, we celebrated her today.
For once I was in chief for the whole gift, so I spent yesterday going up and down the crowded Buenos Aires Area looking for a nice Make-up Kit. I could have been looking for the Atlantis, that's how easy the search was. It's unbelievable, right now they make Make-up kits only for young girls, only in cows/bears/moon/hearts shapes and full of glossy stuff.
A good old Make-up kit with eye shadows, lip glosses, phards, pencils and mascara? Too much to ask for?
I finally settled on a model that looked nice outside and had a nice eye shadows selection. But the lip glosses and nail polishes were scary, fuchsia and the likes :x

I borrowed to 15years old cousin the first volume of the Narnia's Chronicles. Let's see if she likes them.
Mom keeps bitching at me for getting her to read them, she hates them. I'm a bit discouraged. :\
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