February 14th, 2006


Excuse me...burping *blush*

Just finished one fat dinner.
Happens every time I ask mom to cook little cause I'm not hungry. She brought home white pizza with fresh tomatoes and black olives and then tortelli, a typical fried sweet used for Carnival.
'm nursning a cup of camomile now :P

Did another exam today, it was nerve-wracking, I came only at 6PM.
And it's bloody Valentine's Day.
The pub in front of my building is keeping open especially for it (tuesday is their closing day, and they went to the point of decorating the freaking windows with big-ass tacky red hearts all over.
Makes me wanna puke, beside the dinner.
AM I bitter?
Not necessarily, I just think this is such a stupid celebration. And if in its origin might have had a beautiful meaning now it's lost, and actually upsetting. It's like telling boys "You can ignore me and mistreat me 364 days a year, but you have to love me on VD! And if you don't bring me a diamond, you obviously don't love me enough".

3 hours and the day will be over...yay!

Now that I'm done with exams, I hope I'll be able to catch up with CoS. I really need to, I miss that place and the people T_T