February 15th, 2006


That's it

I've had it with this stupid keyboard!
Here's how the story went: a couple of years ago that lovely cousin of mine called Marco, living in the South of Italy, spilled COKE on my keyboard. Incident that resulted in all the arrow keys saved the left one being stuck. If I try to pres one down, it won't come back up, so they're, should we say...useless?

I tried to go on with this keyboard anyway, and it was fine, beside the fact that I wore the mouse scroller down using it in place for the arrows...
Now, enough is enough. I came a cross a program that lets you scroll ONLy with those arrows, not the other ones on the keyboard and no mouse.

I have to get a new Norton by the end of the month, and Drats if I don't et a new keyboard with it! Possibly wireless, so my cat will stop trying to strangle himself with the cables from keyboard and mouse...
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