March 8th, 2006


Monday: the day everything went wrong

Call it superstition, but I refrained from updating until I was feeling rather safe from a Monday Repeat.
SUCH a bad day.
Nothing tragic happened, ok, but you know when you feel like nothing you do is going right?

-I woke up sneezing. With a migraine. And the sky was grey,by 4pm I had to put the lights on (my moods tend to get influenced by the weather).
-I was ready to plan my well due trip to the hair dresser with Cris (I have to cut them, color them and get my eyebrows done). Alas, she calls: she's badly congested, no hair dresser. -_-
-Couldn't study for the migraine. Set myself watching the tape I recorded the night before, the Oscars. (Boo! to no Italian wins and Boo! to No Best Movie to Brokeback Mountain).
-I had decided before that monday I'd start dieting, key word: only fruits for lunch. I ended up cooking a pizza and eating sweets. -_-;
-I opened internet and started looking for info on 2 books I desperately wanted: 'Good Omens' and 'The Dancers of Ardun'.
Good Omens: Check Feltrinelli. There's a brand new 2006 translation of it! Check if my store has it. Message from Feltrinelli: None of our stores has this volume. Go down to one of them to know more about it. O_O
Dancers of Arun? No italian translation exist. Check Amazon. Good used copy for 0.57$. OK, I want the book... but I feel stupid purchasing something for less than a dollar, thinking about the shipping fees. Look for possible online downloads: NOTHING useful. And not only that: some idiot put cracks for programs in BearShare with 'Dancers of Arun' as a title! So I first downloaded a weird crack. Then a .lit file, took me 2 days to get cause it had only 1 source and the surprise? I can't read it cause it's in Arabic text! Is it a joke?

-Try to forget about the Books Bad Luck and go check our library for possible read. Started on Edgar Allan Poe, only to realize I had read them all already. Look Gabriel Garcia Marquez: read both of our books too. Check Russian authors: read 'Crime and Punishment' and 'The Karamazoff Brothers'. Remember that grandma has 'War and Peace' and we have no 'Anna Karenina' (note to self to get it + Pride and Prejudice, Reason and Heart and something by Virginia Woolf, now that bookstores are having sales). Don't ask why I was in the mood for such stone-reading, lol. Not in the mood for mom's books or thrillers. Got Marion Zimmer Bradley but too big for now.
Result: Book Quest was a failure.

- Mom comes off and she's in Da Pissy Mood. Dad comes home and he's in Da Depressed Mood. She snaps at dad, tell him to shut up. Dad looks like a kicked puppy for the rest of the evening. Mom manage to have fight with me also. I try to forget about ti and set to do my ritual evening tea,dressed in my favorite baby blue pile jumper. Water boils. Turn off the gas.
I don't know how, I don't know why but next thing I know I burner a HOLE in my favorite baby blue jumper's left arm!!
I was in shock. The fire was off, I guess I touched the hot stove while pouring water in the cup and that was enough to burn the fabric. I still can't believe it. The day after I put it on, in the hope I dreamed about the hole. Alas it's there. And the borders turned solid (burnt material) so it also stung. I'm still crushed. And I haevn't told mom yet, I'm in for a kicking.

Yesterday wasn't much better, and I went through some serious lonely moments in the evening. Everyone was busy. Giulia with the thesis. Kris with Lu. Anne probably at work. Cris with mom and Fede obviously.

Today went better. To cheer myself up I went shopping after university, got a light brown wavy skirt and some jewelry (fake ones :P).
Then I came home... and Maria Chiara called! I hadn't heard from her since before Christmas and we had a nice long, catch-up chat. She gave me updates on Fiona, Eloisa, Michele and Virginia. And the poor girl had to listen to my rambling about my family... she asked, and all of a sudden I started spilling it out, I couldn't stop. She's so nice, and she was trying to give me advices. Such a sweetie.

Tomorrow I'm finally going to the hair dresser (Cris' idea, guess she feels better).
I have to remember to call Remo to set a couple of fair things. Got the Pass but no catalog. I'm sure they have something new in the collection, but I'd rather know about it ahead of time, and not having to memorize it in 30minutes when I get there.

This was LONG!
I'm sowwy :(