March 11th, 2006



There was a bunch of No Globals and kids from the Social Center outside my building today.
They came, put cars motorbikes and shops on fire and scared a bunch of little kids by assaulting the Mc Donald's they were in.
At around half past noon I heard loud voices outside, had my windows open cause I was cleaning. I saw a bunch of dudes with black caps and clubs passing in the big commercial street that cross mine.
They just passed being loud, police ahead of them.
I was just annoyed cause cars were blocked and no one had announced the Manifestation.
Then I started seeing more of them, police trucks, policemen in assault set and started worrying... my dad was out, bringing my grandfather to his doctor.
After that I got almost scared, I saw groups of 2/3 of them escaping police by hiding in our street, going in the near streets... then people started running, bars in my street closed down real fast and I was like "Hell, dad is out there, and they're going for the cars!"
Police started using gas, the smell came up in our apartment.
Dad came home 2 hours later, while I was at the window seeing a bunch of policemen in disguise stop in our street, change their jackets and patrol the crossing street.
In the news I saw the McDonald's thing, cars and shops burnt to crisps.

And all this against the City Authority cause they allowed a pacific manifestation by extreme right's supporters to take place in the afternoon.

What the FUCK?!?
Are we back to '68?

I still can't believe it. I can't believe THEM.
Places I go through almost everyday. The journal shop. OUR McDonald's.

If nothing else, Buenos Aires Road people showed them. Police was able to catch about 40 of them, cause the people started putting up resistance and beating these fuckers up. Actually polce had to take them away or the people would have lynched them.
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