March 14th, 2006


Shopping (part 2) and Books!

Those fairs will be the end of my bank account, I had a suspicion at the third one, but now that I'm on my 5th one I'm sure of it.
I can't freaking renew my wardrobe everytime these 4 days come up!
I bought a black suite-ish jacket and a brown wool coat. Plus a burgundy shirt, a black one, a lime one and black pants O_O

*bangs head against the desk*

In other news, I found myself on a fantasy kick.
It's weird, cause I'm more of a narrative-literature-novel reader. My fantasy readings can only count the HP serie and an attempt at the Chronicle of Narnia (that I had to interrupt to lend the book to my cousin). Still gathering the courage to read The Lord of the Rings :b

Now ,after looking for 'Dancers of Arun' by Elizabeth A. Lynn for weeks, I finally accepted the fact I'll have to order it through Amazon. I'll do it after I get the check from the Fair :b

Today I officially started feeding my new found obsession: I bought "Northern Lights: The Dark Materials Trilogy, Part I" by P.Pullman and "The Sword Of Truths Vol I (books 1 and 2: 'Wizard's First Rule' and 'Blood of the Fold')" by T.Goodkind.
I wanted to concentrate on the Wheel Of Time serie, but the books are too old and they don't sell them anymore here already. Blah.

I'll start reading Northern Lights tonight, I'm excited :D

Anyone has read any of those series?