March 16th, 2006


First Day... we don't start so good.

I swear, my morning should have gone on Candid Camera.
Last night mom told me she'd wake me up. On a whim, I decided to set my alarm anyway. Thankfully.
Cause this morning I wake to eerie silence. I thought I was late, maybe my parents did call me and I fell back asleep while they went out! *panic*
Turns out, my dad forgot to set HIS alarm. He was sleeping. Therefore mom was. He jumped out of bed cursing up a storm, rushed into the shower and I stood there waiting for him.

I jump in the bathroom, rush to get ready. I prepare myself to drink my tea and...? Colic. An attack of colic that makes me double over, forget about make up, hair and everything, rush to the toilet and curse up a storm. My mom was all like "Honestly! What are you doing? You're late!" and I wanted to yell at her so much...
Result, I had to send messages to Remo and Jing saying I'd be late and I stood stuck in the bathroom for 1 hour.
This morning. When I had to be there earlier to learn the new collection. I got there later than I EVER did, even on the low key days. I was so mad at myself (and my tummy).

Turns out the collection was MASSIVE. Never seen so many new models all together.
Of course they introduced them the only time I didn't get to study them before hand O_O;

Then lunch came. Pizzas were brought. And a Russian client shows up, I had to follow her, take orders for 3 collections (4 pages of order O_O) and when I go to finished. FINISHED. When all the other times we had to throw it out at the end of the day cause there was too much.
I went to the ba at 3PM, did 15 minutes of queue to get not even the sandwich I asked for O_O;;

AT least it was a full day, I didn't have dull moments with nothing to do, did orders and got a new client, so I'm pumped up.
Now I'm fearing tomorrow.... Friday the 17th. Mommy!!!
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