March 21st, 2006


Da Fair Post

I postponed writing this up cause I wasn't in the mood to write epic posts :P
Plus, I'll be a lot less on the computer until Easter I fear, which is eh...

Anyway, the fair ended on Sunday.
It went well, I was so proud of myself cause I worked a lot, did a lot of orders and got new contacts/clients. I even managed to feel very mentorish Saturday, when the other Stefy came and I explained to her the new collection and selling policies. Boy, did I feel important :P
(I'm a loser, I know).

And for once, my running around like a slave paid off.
I got a raise! *does the hippo dance*
I went from 200 euros to a full 300 euros check. YESSS!
Just about perfect for Friday, when GoF will come out in DVD *hihihi*

That's about it.
Now I'm preparing a pre-exam for April the 26th.
Nervous. Very nervous about it.

I'm still in Rest-Phase, but it's quickly ending, tomorrow I have university time. My last 2 hours seminary class was painfully boring, last Wednesday. Cross fingers for tomorrow *LeSigh*
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