March 24th, 2006


Cartoomics + *drums rolls* CHOCOLATE Fair!

Today my cinema seminary was shorter, 1 hour of theory but no movie.
I used the afternoon to go check Cartoomics, an yearly far for manga,comics and books/CDs.
It was smaller than I remember it, there was a lot less stuff IMO.
Last time I found a cute stand selling HP doujinshi (illustrated by japanese stories, be it fanfics or scenes from the books), and I got a POA one. I looked everywhere for it this time but no luck *pout*
I don't know any shop selling them around here, that was my only resources beside online shopping, but ebay is not my friend so...

But I did find an old anime serie (1995) that never took off in Italy and I really wanted to see, and this stand had it full, episodes and OAVs *swoon*

In other news, paired with Cartoomics there was a small Chocolate Fair!
It was really small indeed, only 5 stand in a circle, but boy the things they had... I couldn't resist. They had mint chocolates, pepper ones, white ones, pistachio ones, with nuts, with rum... soooo many goodies. But I got the impression they were expensive as hell so I got like 9 minichocolates, trying only a bunch of the goodies.