March 25th, 2006


Chocolate Nerdiness

First and foremost, a warm welcome to christina_n to my LJ. Hope you won't run away screaming in a matter of 24!

Now onto the actual entry...
As a premise, I hope I won't scare anyone of you off. LOL.
I just found myself mulling over yesterday's events again, daydreaming about that chocolate fair, cursing myself for not getting more goodies and the likes...
And I actually don't have the nerve to eat them, cause they're so few and looks so good I feel I won't be able to cope with no more of them :P

So here came my ultimate act of nerdiness. I photographed these pieces of art, one by one, for posterity.
May I be able to eat them now. They're artistic value is saved, Their beauty will remain and be passed on :P

PS. I'm putting an only lj cut, I'm lazy like that. 8 pics. Some are blurry, I'm a fucktard when armed with a camera.

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