April 3rd, 2006


And all the drama was for...? *PSH!*

Today I woke up, and boy was I cranky... someone decided to take down and completely renew the apartment right below ours, without warning. So I got up hearing multiple hammerings, drillings and general chaos.
Rocky (cat) was a mess, jumpy and cranky, looking at me like it was my fault there was so much noise and he couldn't sleep. Meh... I hoped it'd last only for the morning but nooo, it kept up in the afternoon.
My valiant attempts at studying were...useless, really. Can't think about tomorrow.

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Anyway, onto more relaxing things.
I finally got my hands on the GOF DVD!
It's official, Ralph Fiennes freaks the shit out of me...lol!
I loved the extras on the Yule Ball and Behind the Scenes!
I was hoping for more Cut scenes though.
And Heck! Emma mentioned reading Pullman's His Dark Materials! How weird is that?!?
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