April 4th, 2006


MORE Drama... Now this italian chick is getting LIVID.

More drama going on over here.
Mom came home from her trip at 9-freaking-PM, she never called dad and only sent me a couple of SMS.
Dad is livid.
Kept calling her a bitch all through dinner while I tried to keep him calm (she wasn't home yet).
Plus there's Milan playing tonight, we're risking the exclusion from the Champions' League so he's on edge. He waited for the half time, then asked mom details on the trip and she basically blew him off.
Why does it feel like I'm the only adult in this house?!
Yet I get treated like I'm 4 years old by my mother, I'm not allowed to know what's going on between her and dad cause you know, it's not my business, I don't live with AND between them or anything, right?

Plus, we had to call the plumber for the bathroom AGAIN.
He's coming tomorrow morning but the sink, lower sink AND WC are screwed, so he'll stay here ALL morning and I'm gonna lose university classes. Poop!

*pulls at hair*

Meh... no doubt I make everyone run away from this LJ. All I do is whining, ranting and bitching.