April 6th, 2006


Surreal Morning... man has been stabbed outside my building

I'm lost... This is too surreal.

I woke up and did my things. Then while passing the window that faces the street, I saw the whole street was closed, there were police cars, scientific police ala CSI taking samples, drawings on the pavement. Panic.
Then the actual police came to my apartment (a man and a woman) asking if I heard anything last night, making me phone my parents to ask the same.
After them, the freaking scientific police came inside, asked to take pictures from my balcony of the scene of the crime.
I asked the dude what happened and he said "Dunno. Should ask that to the poor bloke who got injured".
Well duh, thank you smart ass.

After them a reporter came in, asking to take pics himself from the balcony.
I asked him if he knew anything, confiding in journalists and their gossiping tendencies. And in fact...
He told me they said it was an attempted car robbery ended in tragedy, but they're not convinced.
The car is still there, and there are blood stains EVERYWHERE on the street, in some places there full out stripes of it.
Dad said the street was already closed when he went to work at 7:40AM, and they just left, at 1PM.
Damn, this is big... and fucking scary. I'm feeling like all the metropolitan legends about Detroit and the Bronx got transported here.

I searched for news on this on news shows, Google, Yahoo... nothing.
Until I found a small piece on ANSA (news agency).
Man stabbed in Milan
The man has been stabbed to the neck, back and arms and he's seriously injured, he could die. And if he does, no one will know what the fuck happened.

I need something light to take my mind off this madness. Tried to study with little to no success.
I might hide myself in some R/S fluff. If I don't cheer up, tonight it'll be a mess with my parents.