April 11th, 2006



Today I used the afternoon to bake a cake, a simple one with just lemon aroma, no creams.
Surprisingly mom loved it, and she usually hates sweets.
But this afternoon it was awesome, the whole house had this lemon smell... I loved it!

Dad is out right now, at a 'work-ish' dinner. Basically he's meeting up with 2 bosses who left the bank years ago, one is retired while the other has a counseling company. He's bringing his CV and trying tog et out of the madness that his bank is now.
I wish he wouldn't put too much hope into this, or he'll end up even more crushed than before :(

Spring is on us, indeed. I'm so lazy, it's almost embarrassing. I'm always sleepy, have no will to study whatsoever and boy, the headaches...
The egyptian company that's handling the rebuilding of the apartment underneath ours is not helping any. Chaos all day long, it seems they're working INSIDE my room at times. And the best part was tonight at 7. They put on Egyptian music really loud, you could hear it through closed windows all around the building. Even people from the next-door building got out on their balconies yelling for them to turn the effing volume down. GAH!