April 12th, 2006


Computer CRASH! Mommy!


Hey Mr PC, you'll be ok if I leave you ON while I cook and eat, right? You always are, such a good boy, you never act up even if I have BearShare (file sharing program was on)running!



Mr PC, what the hell? Why did you restart yourself? I didn't even put you in Stand-By mode!

*POP UP Window: 'Hello loser! Microsoft here. There's been a serious system error with an unknown driver,a full blue screen error nonetheless. Mr PC got generally fucked up and had to restart itself. Suck on that!*


*run Ad-Ware. Nothing. Run Norton. Nothing.*

Ok Mr PC, I know you're old, you're almost 5, but we love each other, don't we?
I know I bitch at you a lot, but please... PLEASE don't die on ME!!!
I love you!
I need you!
*hugs monitor and bawls like a baby*