April 19th, 2006


Gilmore Girls and Mc Donalds

I was finally able to buy the first season in DVD of Gilmore Girls!
For me it's big news...lol!
I had checked last night online to see if they had, by any chance, dropped the price. No such luck.
But I found another interesting news. Supposedly, Season 2 and 3 came out on April 12th *o*
Truthfully, today I was out aiming at these 2, but I didn't find them. Bummer. So I contented myself with the First Season.

I started watching The Chronicles Of Narnia, I got to the point where wolves chase the kids away and Edmund is held prisoner by the Queen.
Now, I started the book but didn't go far cause I had to lent it to my cousin.
I got a question for those who did read the book: is it me or did they cut the whole beginning of the book? With the 2 kids going into the "wizard"'s house and the girl freeing the Queen?

And after my purpose of dieting a bit through March, I finally got to go to Mc Donald's and bring home some Chicken Mc Nuggets and French Fries. Screw the bird flu!
Boy, did they taste sublime...