April 21st, 2006


Drunkish Choc

Inspired by rampantwhistler I finally decided to try the infamous Drunkish Choc! Aka Hot Chocolate with Baileys in it. *yummy*
I took it a step further and decided to make the hot chocolate by melting some Easter eggs' chocs and adding milk.. plus Baileys of course.
It was *AWESOME*.
Totally ruined my dinner, lol.

Mom also came home with Pizza Tiramisù and Apple Pie.
Boy, I feel so bloated right now!
I guess tomorrow is Dieting Day, def.

I might burn some of those calories in the morning anyway, I've been appointed with cleaning the whole apartment AGAIN even if I have an university test on Wednesday. and need to study *LeSigh*

Mom is being mean to dad again. Gritting my teeth and trying to resist.