April 22nd, 2006


Tea Mess. Big Massive TEA MESS!!

I just knocked over my evening cup of tea. O_O
The damn sugared thing flew all over my desk, making dripping wet 2 important papers and a mag.
I tried to try the papers as best as I could, then cleaned the mess.

3 or so minutes after that, I noticed a weird dripping... turn out the damned liquid got below on my keyboard, so the whole Numbers Pad and half of the F/Print/Save buttons got drained.
*panic attack*

I had to throw my last keyboard to the dogs cause my cousin rained Coke on my arrow keys. They got sticky to the point I couldn't use them anymore, they were stuck.
I've turned the keyboard over and the liquid was DRIPPING out of it. How fucking much of it got inside?!?
Of course I made it drip ON MY OWN FUCKING JEANS but that's beside the point now.

The volume is doing weird stuff now. I have volume control on the keyboard and I see on the screen it keeps switching between mute and full volume randomly while I type O.o