April 26th, 2006


Exams, rice and a little fantasy in between

I did the test today. It was stressful, to say the least.
History of cinema requires pretty much a mnemonic study, but the questions the prof made pushed you to reason and get to your own conclusions. Interesting, I'd love to do it in a class enviroment... but not so much when I have the fear of a failed exam in looming in front of me.

I wanted to go shopping as a 'celebration', but the gloomy weather stamped my mood, so I came home and finally finished watching my Narnia DVD. I liked the movie, esp. the battle scene at the end.
Special Effects won an Oscar right?
I can see why for that scene, but if we take the rest of the movie, there are scene that left me "Hmmm...", as in you could see it was blue screen, not real. Like when the 3 kids are running on the snow and Peter take Lucy on his shoulders.
I know I'm sounding too picky( :p) but the 'illusions' seemed more real even in GoF and they weren't nominated for the Oscar, were they?

I cooked Cantonese Rice tonight (chinese rice). It was my first time trying it, and it surprisingly turned out good =D
Dad got a second serving, even mom liked it and she's taking it to eat at work tomorrow.

Dad is watching the big football match tonight, Milan is playing Barcelona. We're obviously going out of the Champion's League, but he won't accept it. He's in such a fool mood and he's eating gazillion of chocolate. Not good.