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Stefy ~ ステフィ
27 April 2006 @ 01:01 pm
No, I'm not de-friending everyone =P

Tomorrow morning I'll be leaving for Bari, in Puglia, to visit some relatives and be there for a cousin First Communion.
I'll be gone probably til Wednesday. I don't know how I'll last there.
I'll be the one sharing a room with my nutty cousin. Never n my life I've come across a kid as misbehaved as he is. And he talks a mile-a minute, pretends you do everything he tells you to. Otherwise he yells, curses, calls names with someone and sometimes punch around. And he's only 9 years old.
I adore kids, I adore all of my cousins, but the thought of being stuck with this little demon for 5 days is making me cringe.

Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO millieweasley!
I know it's a bit early, but since I won't be here for it ... well, hopefully they're the first wishes you got =P
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