May 3rd, 2006


Back from Bari!

Hiya people!
I'm back, finally back from Bari! Well, it won't be that long for you, but for me...oh man!
I'd give the trip a 50/50 vote. For certain things it was a pleasant surprise, for others it was a nightmare.

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Anyway, this was my trip. I left something out cause then it'f take people 2 hours to read this entry... not even sure someone even got to THIS point! lol!

I hope so, cause here comes the important bit:
BIG FAT CONGRATULATIONS TO juliesaintjust for her laurea yesterday!

She came out with glowing, outstanding 110 with laude!
Congrats sweetie, you rocked! Hope you told everyone adding a "Kiss my ass now!" at the end =P