May 6th, 2006


All quiet on the western front

Nothing big to post.
I saw Nashville (by Altman) on Friday, for my cinema seminary. I had no idea it never got dubbed in italian. In fact I had spent Friday morning looking for the DVD online, and couldn't understand why no one carried it since it's supposed to be Altman's most famous movie.
I had my answer that afternoon... so I saw the movie in its original language... YAY!

Good thing that came out of it, I saw the song "I'm Easy" under a new light. I always had in mind only the chorus/refrain and it always annoyed me to no end... "Cause I'm easy...Yeah I'm easy!" Grr!
But listening to the whole thing, the words, the melody... I like that song now.

We're all "suffering" from spring in the family. All 3 of us are tired, tired ALL the time and for no reason.
But while me and dad deal with it by sleep walking, mom deals with it taking out her stress on us. Lovely. As always.

I'm in a bind!
Tuesday is Cristina's 25 birthday and I have NO IDEA what to get her.
I mean, it's an important bday, but at the same time she just lost her dad, I doubt her mind is much on celebrations.
Any suggestions?
Cause I'm really really really lost =(