May 9th, 2006


Birthdays and headaches

Cris' birthday came in the end.
Didn't start with a bang, I've gotta say.

I got woken up by a phone call by a delivery guy who asked if it was ok for him to drop by at noon. I said fine, hung up and stayed up anyway: a thunderstorm was raging outside, rain banging on the windows, plus my throat felt sore. Bleach.

Didn't feel like eating breakfast so I just sat down to read, but by 10 something I was feeling so weak and sleepy that I crawled on my parents' bed with my comforter and just rested there. I ended up falling asleep again, woke up past noon O_O;
Few damage done since Delivery Guy came 1hour LATE, but it still shocked me.

Cris came around after 5PM and I gave her my gift,a collection of colorful socks and a pretty scarf... I know it sounds dreadful said like this, but it was cute :P She really liked it, esp. the socks and card.

Poor thing must really miss her Miki (her cat, she died last month at 16years), she kept playing with my Rocky and asking him to let her pet him.
I hope she'll give in and get another cat, it'll do both her and her mom good. One totally different from Miki so she won't be driven to make comparisons.

I've playing with the idea of changing my layout again... but I don't want to change it just 'cause'. I still have to find the ONE layout that represents me.
I saw a really beautiful one, but people were rushing in to use it, mmh...
Can't link it cause it's F Locked but it's gorgeous, it has the Prague Clock in it.

I'm so dreadfully boring lately...