May 13th, 2006

Leaf Girl

Mother's Day : -1

Tomorrow is Mother Day. Joy.
I got my mom a white and pink azalea since she loves plants. Gave it to her yesterday since I couldn't well hide a plant in the closet for 3 days, lol.

I'm feeling bad about this whole celebration though: I felt like an hypocrite writing her a card , I just feel so... detached from her. Or maybe just closer to dad, and since she made it evident she doesn't feel as a unit with him, my heart distanced itself from her by reflex.


We're spending the day out, lunch at my grandparents' and then dinner to my grandma and cousins.
At lunch grandma will def. annoy me and dad about the football scandal... oh joy. I can foresee an argument.
Know the italian stereotype about us being hot tempered and way too passionated?
Well, that def. apply to my father's side of the family... *shudders*