May 18th, 2006

Van Gogh

I hate titles

Boring update, you're warned.

Yesterday the washing machine guy came to fix the damage: it was an idiotic thing. You know how male shirt have 2 plastic 'bits' in the neck part, to keep them up? Well, 3 or 4 of them got stuck in the drainpipe so the water didn't flow anymore.
Dad has to take half a day off of work for this *shakes head*

Speaking of dad, he probably deserves an award, for Reiterated Stupidity.
He's planning to go play football (soccer for US) with his coworkers next friday. Wonderful plan, if it wasn't for his meniscus (sp? err... bone in his knee *blush) being nearly broken and impossible to fix with surgery until he lose some weight. Idiot.

To make this more pointless but less boring, I bring you (weeeeeeks late)

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