May 20th, 2006


Artistic Mood

I'm in the mood for some artistic 'activity'.
Dunno if I should give yet another shot at PSP and try for some icons, or change the LJ layout.. . I'd try to write, since so far it's the only thing I managed to do decently in the past, but I have no plot bunny or inspiration lately.

Any suggestion on what I could do?

In my boredom I even started taking quizzes...
Can we say ' slightly disturbed'?

You are the secret lovechild of which two Harry Potter Characters? by astraynotion
Hair colour
Eye colour
Favourite Harry Potter Book
Parent 1Lord Voldemort
Parent 2JK Rowling
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Although this could be the best quiz EVER, mainly cause by fiddling with names I got to see fanarts I never saw before. Beautiful!
My honest, first result was this:

How do you like your Sirius/Remus? by Marauder
Your Name
Your horoscope sign
Picture that describes your feelings on S/R
Quiz created with MemeGen!

And now I'm in the mood for some tender OotP puppy loving!
Anyone wants to provide it for me? *battles eyelashes innocently*
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