May 21st, 2006


Not even my tea can calm me down tonight

I'm pissed.
Can you tell?

The FACT: I got out for 1 hour this morning, between 10:30 and 11:30. When I left dad was cleaning the and mom was ironing.
I come back and my dad is looking sheepish at me, with the kind of looks that says "You're in trouble".

Basically, while I was out my mother went through my closet and all my drawers, found some of the stuff I was holding on to for dad, plus a bunch of private papers and things... CRAP, it doesn't matter what she found, who gave her the fucking right to go through my stuff?!?
And she did it again in the afternoon, with me in the room, she opened my desk drawer and started telling me where I should put this and that cause the drawer was not the place.

Maybe I should go through her stuff tomorrow when she's at work, making sure I leave what I don't like out on her bed. Or better yet, I should wait for her to go to the bathroom and check her calls on her cellphones. THAT would pisses her off, sine I'm sure she's got things to hide on there.

I'm just.... GRAAAHHH!!!!!