May 27th, 2006


Irish Piano in the background

Pretty normal Saturday, if you don't count the fact that my mother is angsting over something from her work.
It bothers her if we ask things to her, so we just have to watch her wake up crying and then being snappy and mopey all day.

From this I got another confirmation of how totally different we are. When something bothers her, she purposely stops doing everything else and focus on the worry, ruining the weekend for herself and for everyone else. She acts like a tragedy just happened, and she brushes away every attempt at taking her mind off of the worry, she WANTS the worry, she choose it over everything else.
I don't understand her. Maybe because I'm looking at things from my perspective, and if it was me having troubles at work, knowing it's the weekend, I'd try my hardest to take my mind off of it, search for distractions to help me.
She does the exact opposite.
Me and dad offered her a night at the movies, eating out, shopping... nothing, she wants to stay at home and mope. Which predictably turns into "Leave me the fuck alone, you asshole of an husband" *sigh*

Onto more cheerful stuff!
I bought a new CD, it was one from the Nature/New Age genre and it was just a little less than 10 euros, I couldn't resist. :P
It's a CD called 'Irish Piano': it's a collection of Traditional Celtic Music played by a pianist.
I *love* it!
Track #2, 'Carrickefergus', made me teary eyed for a really silly reason: while listening to it, somehow I started envisioning it as music playing in the background from the 'Mirror of Erised' scene in SS, the heartbreak of both Harry and his parents in my mind... and gah!

Tomorrow it's Election Day in my city! We chose the new mayor... fingers crossed. I have a really bad feeling about this.