May 29th, 2006

Van Gogh

Layout Talk #2

Thanks to all you lovely girls who replied in my poll *smooches*
I did decide to change the layout and to go for an Art theme. The actual subject will be a surprise! :P
I asked for help to a friend so as to get it done properly, amazing little woman that she is :D

While we decide pros and cons and define more, I decided to put on a temporary layout... I had half a mind to put it on for a while, but the occasion never came. Now it seems like the perfect time.
I believe juliesaintjust will recognize this ;)

So don't get scared if the page comes up messed up while I fix the temporary theme on!

EDIT: I'm afraid I have to give up. The layout comes up ok with IE but all messed up in FireFox, so I'm gonna have to select another one.
FYI, it was a layout done with a picture of the famous clock from Prague by the talented gawariel_design


Back to work.
EDIT 2: What the hell is with LJ and the customize tonight?! I installed the layout, but as you can see the Sidebar still need fixing.
I keep inserting links or infos in the 'About' section, press 'Save Changes' and everything stay AS IT WAS BEFORE!
It's 1:30AM. I'm tired. I'm cranky. I'm leaving it this way and I'll fix it tomorrow... hopefully. GRR!!!
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