May 30th, 2006


Layout Talk #3

Last time I changed my layout I didn't have to struggle this much *wipe sweat*
Still got a slightly problem with how the first entry tends to override the header image *LeSigh*
Luckily the problem is not there on the Friends page, but it's still annoying.

I'm still bummed about the 'Time/Clock' background failure, but I like this one as well.

EDIT: I tried an Atlantis layout, I find it really pretty, but 1. Am pants at S2 2. it's screwed up in FireFox
Therefore I'm sticking to this Mother Art one.
Like or Hate? *blush*
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The end of the Layout Saga... for now.

After bothering you with posts about a new layout, if I should change, if you liked the change and who knows what else I finally came to a conclusion.

I wanted the Atlantis Layout. Seems like minnow_53 , hjohnson1 and juliesaintjust liked it too.
But I tried all afternoon to make it work, I'm used to work on S1, and that theme is S2... Once I finally fixed the Links on the main page, the text from the entries was still messed up, the bar with links to my memories and friends page was too and I'm not even begin to tell you the state of the replies page...
I just couldn't make it work, I feel bad :(

So I decided to use this Mother of Art layout, it's the one I was working on last night after the debacle with the Time one.
Took some hours to fix the Links, The Communities...
It's probably a bit kitsch, but at least I made it work and customized it successfully, lol!

Bear with me and my crazy artist-wannabe moments.
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