May 31st, 2006


Talk about a 'peculiar' gift

But first things first: in my never ending string of good luck, last night, after having finally settled the layout thing, the socket i which all the computer things are attached DIED.
Nothing electric works anymore in it.
After the due 30 minutes of panic, I asked my parents for a and now I'm using another socket.

*shakes head*

And now onto the gift: dad came home saying a coworker gave him a propaganda gift for me.
Turns out it's a hand bag, but...

Let me show you:
Collapse )

Collapse )

It's called "Wonderbra", wonder why uh?
I wonder if they expect girls to walk around with that. Imagine the scene, strutting for the streets of Milan with a mini corset in your hand. Precious, really.LOL!
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