June 2nd, 2006

HA! Dork!

June 2: 60 years of Italian Republic

Today was the Italian Republic Day.
We just changed President so it was a bit weird for me. The last President is the one who got the celebration back in costume, so it was weird not seeing him 'hosting' the parade.

Other than that, it was an ok day. Workers had the day off so parents were here. I spent the morning grocery shopping with dad, then tonight we went for pizza with the grandparents.
At the mall I found Season 2 of Gilmore Girls *cloud9*
The selling girl even engaged me in a GG chat, I was so taken back since it's mainly a grocery store, DVDs and CDs are just extra. But there she was stopping the food queue to ask me about Lorelei and Luke, LOL!

Tomorrow I'm going to Liguria for a day at the beach with the parents. Eh...
I'll spend the time studying my cinema tome on a free beach with no umbrellas or chairs, should be fun :P