June 3rd, 2006


Bad Trip

The trip didn't go well. It was one misstep after the other, until we got to the clue at the end.
But with order!

Getting woken up after only 4 and a half hours of sleep makes for a cranky Stefy on a normal basis, let alone on a Saturday!
But what could I do, I sucked it up and got going.
We left Milan in full summerish mood, finally with some sun and clear sky... only to get to a windy and cold Liguria. Of course, to be comfortable in my bathing suit I put on a skirt, thing I rarely do. You know, wind and skirts don't get along...

We get to Arenzano, we park. We try to be positive and tour the city, what's a bit of cloudy sky? But soon it became evident Arenzano had very little to offer as far as interests go.
By that time dad had switched to cranky mood as well. Foreboding.

Mom made us jump back in car and basically traverse ALL Liguria by the coast road, which means passing for each and every little city, no matter how trafficked the small streets were, for the obvious and uncotainable joy of dad The Driver.
Finally, we settle in Chiavari and *gasp!* sun is taking a pick out of the clouds!
By that time it was 1PM, so we decided to eat something quickly and then go BEACHING!
Quickly turned into 1 hour when they failed to deliver mom's fried seafood in time... but we were not to be deterred at that point!

So at past 2PM we went to the beach, settled down... and sun hide again. O_O
We stayed there anyway, and indeed it was kinda hot, we were sweating even in our bathing suits and with no sun.
Thing is, after a couple of hours we were tired and decided to take a small tour of the city before leaving. I was dead on my feet by that point, I wanted to go home!
But we did the tour, mom bought some ravioli, and I decided to get myself a mint soft ice to wake up and rehydrate.
Bad Idea.
We go toward the car, I still had soft ice and the money change in my hands.
I hop on board and decide to put the change away before the car started moving.
I put momentarily the soft ice on the arm of the front seat which is really spacious. Open my pursue and wallet... and in that moment dad climbs in, didn't pay attention and knocked the soft ice over O_O
I freaked out, he freaked out in return and mom decided it was the time to get pissed off and generally bitchy toward dad, cause you know, only 'animals' (her word) get angry. Oh yeah.
Which of course arrived precisely at the wrong time since dad was cranky.
The result is dad is angry, the fought. He's mad at me as well. We generally had a crappy evening. And I want to go sleep and wake up on Monday, when they'll be at work most of the day and having to be in each other's company only for a couple of hours.