June 7th, 2006


Allow me a Fanfiction.net Rant

I know it's all kind of pathetic to read fics on fanfiction.net still.
I know that the only way one can enjoy the majority of what's archived in there is the constant voice in your head saying "Ok. Even I can write better than this".

BUT fanfiction.net has one good thing, and it's that every once in a while a good bonding Remus/Harry fic surface.
Mind, not too often but you take what you can.

Unfortunately, sometimes the lazy part of my soul take the lead and makes me want to find good fics with minimal effort, meaning: I ain't surfing like a mad woman going through reviews/summaries looking for something decent!

Fanfiction.net has a cute little thing (in theory) called C2, communities/fics archived by a theme.
The idea can be a really nice one when you think about it.
But it has a slight problem: no search button.
And you can understand that with a fandom like HP, which has more than 3000 communities listed, it might be useful. Do they really expect me to surf 121 PAGES full of C2?

I wouldn't be angsting about freaking fanfiction.net if there was some place on LJ or anywhere else with Remus-Harry bonding fics!
But we go back to the usual argument: HP fandom is pretty much all about romance.
Are there even LJ Community about non-sexual/non-romantic relationships between 2 characters?

Bottom line: I want a freaking Remus-Harry binding fic.
Canon compliant.
Or at least til OotP.
And a LONG one.

I'm not too unreasonable, am I?