June 11th, 2006


*GASP!* So long!

I'm not dead, so you know :P

I just realized that I suddenly disappeared for days, no comments on the World Cup, on fandom...nothing!
Things have been pretty rough at home, so I guess I didn't want to keep on posting rants and whinings.

So let's move on.
Tomorrow there'll be Italy's first game. Ehm.
I guess the only good thing is that we're all aware of how hard our asses will get beaten and we're preparing ourselves for the humiliation of letting Ghana walk all over us.
Half the team is out due to injuries...and if that wasn't proof enough of what an idiot the coach is, maybe you should know he's using the one attacker that's been out for 2 months due to a broken calf, even if we have the Scudetto Goleador is in shape and just about other...4 attackers?


Today we hosted lunch with grandma, cousins and their parents here.
They went away at 4PM and mom collapsed on the sofa without even trying to clean the kitchen...lol!

And last but not least... HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUGH LAURIE!
47 Years old! You're still in your prime you sexy beast, dontcha worry ;)